GOLD Neonatal Conference News

We’re thrilled to welcome the world-renowned Dr. Nils Bergman as our GOLD Neonatal 2024 Opening Keynote Speaker! Dr. Bergman brings into our event his extensive background in maternal and infant health, as well as his exciting new research.

Keynote Speaker

Join us live on Monday, June 3 for this FREE public webinar “The Power and Impact of Nurturescience and Immediate Skin-to-Skin Contact''! Reserve your seat for live and recorded access: 

Dr. Bergman will share what is meant by the term nurutrescience, the adverse consequences of maternal-infant separation, how we can optimize the development of resilience, and much more. We’ll hear the findings of the Parent-Infant Skin-TO-Skin Study and the Immediate Kangaroo Mother Care Study. We’ll also spend time exploring why the results of this research are profoundly challenging to the current paradigm of health care. 

This Opening Keynote will be shared live twice on June 3, at 15:00 UTC/GMT and again at 20:00 UTC/GMT. Access to the recording is also included in your registration. Invite your colleagues to sign up to tap into this education along with you!

We look forward to seeing you at what promises to be a practice-changing event and we welcome you to also come join us for the full GOLD Neonatal Online Conference 2024! Registration is still open and connects you to 12.5+ hours of education from international experts from June 3 to Aug 30. 

Find all the details on the full conference here: