Opening Keynote Presentation

GOLD Neonatal is pleased to offer our opening Keynote Presentation open to the general public.

We're thrilled to have Jodi Dolezel as our 2018 Keynote Speaker. Jodi's presentation "The Power of Storytelling - The Human Experience in the Neonatal Intensive Care " will kick off our second Annual Neonatal Conference on June 4. We invite you to join us at either of our two live sessions or access the public recording of this talk until June 30. Simply reserve your seat to receive exclusive access.

Need Continuing Education Credits? Only Delegates registered for the full conference will be able to claim continuing education hours and can do so by logging into the Delegates Area prior to watching the presentation. To learn more about registereing for the conference, please visit this page. Registered Delegates will have access to this presentation and 10 additional presentations until August 3, 2018 (Annual Members will have until August 24, 2018).

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Jodi Dolezel, BSN, RNC-NICU

Jodi is registered nurse with a strong passion for preemies, developmental care in the NICU, parent teaching, and education. When not at the bedside, Jodi is hard at work offering support and lending a virtual hand to parents of NICU babies through her organization Peekaboo ICU. Jodi is the president/CEO as well as a Family Support Specialist that heads up the organization’s Journey Bead Program- offering a tangible way to track, document, and celebrate milestones in the NICU. Jodi attended college in Ontario Canada where she completed her nursing degree. After college, Jodi earned a number of certification in neonatal nursing including her RNC-NIC, Developmental Care Specialist certification, and an Advanced Certification in Neonatal nursing while attending BCIT’s Bachelor of Science in Neonatal Nursing degree program. Jodi is currently working towards her Masters of Science in Nursing-Care Coordination degree through Capella University.

Abstract: The Power of Storytelling - The Human Experience in the Neonatal Intensive Care

Storytelling is the foundation of the human experience and can be an extraordinarily powerful tool used to connect families and healthcare providers in the neonatal intensive care. The NICU is a fast-paced, high stress environment so it’s easy to lose site of the story, but it is the story that can make a difference, not only to the families you serve, but to you as well. It is through storytelling that a compassionate, real approach to care and medicine will bring change to the NICU experience, increase patient satisfaction, and decrease burnout and compassion fatigue. In this presentation you will learn how to develop more empathetic relationships with families on the basis of a deeper understanding of their human experience. Follow Jodi as she explores the principles of storytelling, evaluates the use of narrative medicine in NICU education, and teaches ground breaking strategies to recreate a positive and profound NICU experience through the power of human connections.

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