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Our newest addition to the GOLD family is continuing to grow! Save the date and join us as we celebrate our 3rd annual GOLD Neonatal online conference. We have an amazing program lined up for 2019 and we can’t wait to share it with you. Update your clinical knowledge, find inspiration and connect with colleagues from around the world. Gain new insights into topics such as EKG interpretation, the impact of the legalization of marijuana, the transition to home from the the NICU, nurses as leaders and so much more. With speakers such as Susan Luddington, Anna Axelin, Jacqueline McGrath, Vicki Culling, and Karen Lasby to name just a few, this conference is not to be missed!

GOLD Neonatal 2018 Closing Keynote: Creating lifelong change through nurturing

Our second annual GOLD Neonatal online conference is poised to be a fantastic event filled with learning and ne connections. With twelve years of providing child and maternal healthcare professionals with the latest education from top speakers, GOLD Learning has become an industry leader in online education. In 2017 we launched GOLD Neonatal to meet the continuing education needs of those working in the neonatal field.

To wrap up our 2018 GOLD Neonatal live presentations, we’ll be joined by Mary Coughlin McNeil, MS, NNP, RNC-E with her Closing Keynote Presentation “Touch a Life, Impact a Lifetime: The Therapeutic Value of YOU”. This presentation will be shared live twice on June 18 and will be available as a recording until July 15.

Reserve your free seat today and join us for this exciting event! Don’t forget to invite friends and colleagues to join in the learning:

Mary Coughlin McNeil is a leader in neonatal nursing who pioneered the concept of trauma-informed care as a biologically relevant paradigm for hospitalized newborns, infants, and their families. With over 35 years of experience in the field and numerous published manuscripts and textbooks, Mary brings an incredible wealth of knowledge to GOLD Neonatal 2018.

During this presentation, delegates will increase their understanding of the lifelong impact of early life adversity and the associated toxic stress. Mary will explain the neurodevelopmental and psycho-socio-emotional outcomes from touch as well as the impact of touch on mental health outcomes. This presentation will offer an opportunity to gain crucial insights into the biological underpinnings of our unique therapeutic value in the clinical setting.

We look forward to this event and to the change that attendees will go on to create in their NICUs!

GOLD Neonatal 2018 Opening Keynote: Creating change through storytelling

We can’t wait to share our second annual GOLD Neonatal conference! For the past 12 years, GOLD Learning has connected healthcare professionals from the maternal-child field with leading speakers and the latest information. Our expansion into the neonatal area offers those working with some of our most fragile patients an unparalleled opportunity to access the latest information and most current clinical skills with only a few clicks.

To kick off our 2018 Neonatal conference, we’ll be joined by Jodi Dolezel, BSN, RNC-NICU with her Opening Keynote Presentation “The Power of Storytelling - The Human Experience in the Neonatal Intensive Care”. This presentation will be shared live twice on June 4 and will be available as a recording until June 30.

Reserve your free seat today and join us for this exciting event! Don’t forget to invite friends and colleagues to join in the learning:

Jodi is a registered nurse with a keen interest in caring for preterm infants and teaching parents. Jodi’s work encompasses both in-person and virtual support from her role the NICU and through her organization Peekaboo ICU. Jodi is also currently working towards her Masters of Science in Nursing-Care Coordination degree.

With the fast pace and high stress level of the NICU, it’s all too easy to lose sight of the stories of the individual families whose lives are forever impacted by this crucial period. In this presentation, Jodi will speak on the powerful tool that storytelling can be. From connecting families and healthcare workers to creating an environment of compassion, storytelling can be used to change the NICU experience. This presentation will help you develop more empathetic relationships with families and give you strategies to recreate a positive and profound NICU experience.

This Opening Keynote will be of value to all those whose work brings them into the lives of NICU families. We invite you to share this presentation with your friends and colleagues so we can all work towards improving the lives of NICU families!

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