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We're thrilled to bring you our second annual GOLD Neonatal online conference! GOLD Learning is your source for accessible up-to-date education in the field of maternal and child health. Now, our Neonatal conference brings affordable, convenient, and informative education to your fingertips. Registration is now open for this year's event, with up to 18.5 hours of accredited education available.

At last year's inaugural event, we were joined by outstanding speakers and enthusiastic delegates. Attendees enjoyed Keynote Speakers Dr. Nils Bergman and Dr. Michael Narvey as well as our main conference speakers who shared insights and information sought after by today's neonatal healthcare providers.

Early bird registration for this year's event runs from April 3 until May 23. Regular registration is open until July 25. Group and student discounts are also available. Delegates have 24/7 access to presentation recordings until August 3, with GOLD Annual Members enjoying three weeks of additional viewing time.

Our conference kicks off on June 4 with our Opening Keynote speaker Jodi Dolezel, BSN, RNC-NICU. Through her work in the NICU and directly with parents, Jodi has developed unique insights into the NICU experience. Her presentation "The Power of Storytelling - The Human Experience in the Neonatal Intensive Care" will offer the opportunity to better understand how storytelling can be used as a powerful tool in connecting families and healthcare providers.

Our live presentation days run between June 4 and June 18. Lectures are scheduled throughout various time slots to accommodate our international audience. In addition to being available live, all presentations are recorded and uploaded to the delegate area of the website.

To wrap up the live presentations, we'll hear our Closing Keynote presentation from Mary Coughlin McNeil, MS, NNP, RNC-E on June 18. In "Touch a Life, Impact a Lifetime: The Therapeutic Value of YOU", attendees will learn about the direct link between early life experiences and mental health outcomes. Mary is a leader in neonatal nursing who has over 35 years of experience in nursing. In this presentation, she will help us better understand the impact of touch on neurodevelopmental and psycho-socio-emotional outcomes as well as the biological underpinnings of the therapeutic, healing presence.

Delegates at this year's conference will have the opportunity to enjoy exclusive add-on packages. The Breastfeeding in the NICU and the Mental Health in the NICU lecture packs both offer an excellent opportunity to delve deeper into these key areas of neonatal health. These add-on packages are available as recordings throughout the conference period and each include 4 hours of education.

GOLD Neonatal offers plenty of ways for our delegates to connect and share with one another. Delegates enjoy our online forums where they can keep the conversations going and ask questions of our speakers. In our GOLD Neonatal Conference Discussion Facebook group delegates find further opportunities to chat, share insights, post conference selfies, and more.

We look forward to seeing you at GOLD Neonatal 2018 and sharing all that this year's event has to offer!



What a great week at GOLD Neonatal 2017! We heard presentations from top speakers in the field as we learned about some of the most pressing health concerns faced by today’s neonatal health care professionals.

To start things off on May 15, Dr. Karel Allegart presented “Neonatal Analgesia: A Balanced Approach”. Delegates had the opportunity to hear data on the long term health implications of pain exposure and to better understand why choices around analgesia are so important. Next, Regina Grazel spoke about screening for congenital heart defects in newborns using pulse oximetry. Her presentation helped delegates deepen their understanding of optimal screening and helped them better recognize signs and symptoms of Critical Congenital Heart Defects. Wrapping up this live day, Dr. Sue Hall presented “Evaluation and Stabilization of the Sick Newborn.” During this in-depth talk, we delved into some of the more common conditions seen in newborns as Dr. Hall covered risk factors, symptoms, and screening.

May 16 saw us with another day filled with fun learning! First up was Dr. Nathalie Charpak’s “Kangaroo Mother Care now and then: 30 years of KMC clinical and research experience in a Developing Country”. We learned about the components of this simple yet powerful intervention and we heard some of the statistics about its impact. Next, Kiera Sorrells spoke on the parent experience of the NICU and improving communication. By learning more about how families experience premature birth and all that it entails, delegates were able to think about ways they can tailor communication and family care. Dr. Nancy Wright was our third and final presenter of the day, speaking on donor human milk in the NICU. Her presentation highlighted the specialized needs of premature infants, factors that make human milk so valuable in the NICU, and the safety of human milk products.

We had another great live day on May 17 with Dr. Nicholas Embleton and Dr. Raylene Philips. Dr. Embleton’s talk, “Feeding preterm babies after hospital discharge: breast-milk, fortifier, supplements and complementary foods,” explored the many factors to be considered during this important growth period. By better understanding how complex neonatal nutrition can be, delegates were able to appreciate the immediate and long-term implications of feeding choices. With Dr. Raylene Philips, we learned about the impact of Family-Centered Developmental Care in the NICU on patient outcomes. Dr. Philips spoke about topics including providing individualized care, considering neuroprotective measures, and treating parents as partners in the NICU. Her presentation offered a great opportunity for delegates to consider how they can create change in their workplace.

This week of live presentations at GOLD Neonatal was one packed with insights, information, and inspiration. We’re excited to have this brand new conference underway and that we can be a part of connecting health care providers with these great speakers.

Our inaugural GOLD Neonatal conference got off to a fantastic start on May 8 with Dr. Nils Bergman and his opening keynote “Zero separation of mother and newborn: the science behind the concept”. We had the pleasure of hearing this presentation live twice and the feedback from attendees was phenomenal. A long-trusted source of information in the field, Dr. Bergman put together a presentation rich with information that can be used to improve patient care.

During this eye-opening presentation, attendees gained new insights into the importance of keeping mothers and babies together. Dr. Bergman presented information on the immediate and long-term implications of mother-infant separation and he shed light on the epigenetic impact of baby’s environment after birth. We learned about the long-term consequences of early stressors, how separation is experienced by the infant, the significance to the mother of skin-to-skin care, and much more.

This presentation made for an inspiring opening of GOLD Neonatal 2017. For any who missed the live day, a recording is available free to the public until May 31.

"Thoroughly enjoyed the presentation thank you, I intend to use this information in educating my work colleagues and women that I work with, highly beneficial to mothers and babies, I particularly enjoyed learning the impacts that skin to skin can have on the infant throughout life and look forward to the findings of your latest research. Thank you." Lisa, Australia

"Dr. Nils is one of the valuable figures of researchers who could support the creation of a healthier society. His presentation is clear and evidence-based. I hope his presentations to reach more health care workers and politic makers. Your presentation was excellent. I listen to you for the second time with the same interest." Marta, Romania

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