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We’re thrilled to welcome the world-renowned Dr. Nils Bergman as our GOLD Neonatal 2024 Opening Keynote Speaker! Dr. Bergman brings into our event his extensive background in maternal and infant health, as well as his exciting new research.

Keynote Speaker

Join us live on Monday, June 3 for this FREE public webinar “The Power and Impact of Nurturescience and Immediate Skin-to-Skin Contact''! Reserve your seat for live and recorded access: 

Dr. Bergman will share what is meant by the term nurutrescience, the adverse consequences of maternal-infant separation, how we can optimize the development of resilience, and much more. We’ll hear the findings of the Parent-Infant Skin-TO-Skin Study and the Immediate Kangaroo Mother Care Study. We’ll also spend time exploring why the results of this research are profoundly challenging to the current paradigm of health care. 

This Opening Keynote will be shared live twice on June 3, at 15:00 UTC/GMT and again at 20:00 UTC/GMT. Access to the recording is also included in your registration. Invite your colleagues to sign up to tap into this education along with you!

We look forward to seeing you at what promises to be a practice-changing event and we welcome you to also come join us for the full GOLD Neonatal Online Conference 2024! Registration is still open and connects you to 12.5+ hours of education from international experts from June 3 to Aug 30. 

Find all the details on the full conference here: 

GOLD Neonatal Online Conference 2024 is a not-to-miss event coming up June 3 to August 30! We’ve got an exciting program bringing you the latest evidence and information on the biggest and newest topics in the field of neonatal care.

GOLD Neonatal 2024 Speakers

In the main conference alone, you’ll be learning from 12 inspiring international experts who share their research, insights, and new ideas. Their engaging presentations cover powerful topics including immediate skin-to-skin contact, family-centered care, feeding tube dwell time, cardiac monitoring, new management strategies for RSV, and so much more. 

Extend your learning experience with four focused add-on lecture packs! You’ll find top-notch presentations on developmental care for neonatal neuroprotection, neonatal pharmacology, advancing human milk and breastfeeding practices in the NICU, and clinical support of infant sucking skills. These packages can be accessed at your convenience throughout the conference period.

Our flexible online format makes it easy to learn from work, home, or on the go! Watch from your computer or mobile device with live and recorded presentations to fit your busy schedule. Download speaker handouts plus post any questions in speaker-moderated forums to get the most out of your learning experience.

We’ll see you soon at this industry-leading event!

World Prematurity Day is coming up on November 15, 2023 and we’re getting ready to mark the occasion with a FREE accredited webinar from Professor Marsha Campbell-Yeo!

World Prematurity Day Speaker

Reserve your seat for live and recorded access to this powerful presentation:

World Prematurity Day offers an opportunity to raise awareness and to work towards preventing preterm birth. We’re thrilled to offer this event to bring health care providers together as we advance the field of neonatology.

During this webinar, Dr. Marsha Campbell-Yeo will be sharing the most up-to-date evidence and recommendations in the area of neonatal pain management. Get ready to learn what the newest research tells us about the immediate and long-term impact of repeated untreated pain in early life. We’ll be focusing on later pain sensitivity, immunity, stress regulation, brain development, and epigenetic programming. We’ll also be diving into the current best evidence when it comes to assessment and management of pain in neonates, and we’ll be exploring shared decision making and the role of parents.

Invite your colleagues to join you in accessing this education! The live event will be followed by 4 weeks of on-demand access to the recording of this presentation.

We look forward to celebrating World Prematurity Day with you!

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