GOLD Speakers


Dr. Nils Bergman, MB ChB, MPH, MD

  • Speaker Type: 2024 Main Presentations
  • Country: Sweden

I am consulting Public Health Physician, with specific expertise and interest in maternal and neonatal health care. Qualifications: MB ChB 1980 University of Cape Town South Africa, equivalent to MD in the USA; Diploma in Child Health in Developing Countries 1987, Uppsala Sweden; Masters in Public Health (cum laude), 1999 University of Western Cape, South Africa; Doctor of Medicine in Clinical Pharmacology, 1997 University of Zimbabwe, equivalent to PhD in the USA.

I have worked in Zimbabwe (LIC), South Africa (MIC) and Sweden (HIC), hence I am able to bring a global perspective to my research. I contributed to initiating the Immediate KMC Study, and was a Principal Investigator in the WHO Study group that conducted this RCT and recently published results. I have developed and published an underlying scientific rationale that explains the very unexpected findings of profoundly lowered mortality from immediate and continuous skin-to-skin contact to very low birth weight newborns, summarized as "nurturescience".