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Dr. Nils Bergman

The Power and Impact of Nurturescience and Immediate Skin-to-Skin Contact

  • Speaker: Dr. Nils Bergman , MB ChB, MPH, MD
  • Presentation Type:
  • Duration: 75 Mins
  • Credits: 1.25 CERP, 1.25 Nursing CEU, 1.25 CME

Nurturescience is derived out of developmental neuroscience, and the key aspects that constitute nurture will be presented, followed by the adverse consequences of maternal-infant separation. The key deliverable is that Nurturescience expressed as Zero Separation optimizes the development of resilience, which is fundamental for health and better outcomes. In contrast, parental absence is the essence of “toxic stress”, and the currently understood mechanisms for maladaptation will be described. To highlight the novelty of nurturescience to current neuroscience, a direct comparison will be provided.

Nurturescience is the underlying theoretical and scientific rationale for the Immediate Parent-Infant Skin-TO-Skin Study (IPISTOSS) conducted in high income countries, and the Immediate Kangaroo Mother Care Study (iKMC), conducted in middle and low income countries: both will be described. IPISTOSS provides direct clinical evidence of mechanisms, and iKMC study lowered mortality by 25%, with decreased sepsis as primary secondary outcome. The results are profoundly challenging to the current paradigm of health care, and a way forward will be suggested.