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Fabiana Bacchini

A Parent's Perspective: Family Integrated Care as a Tool to Help NICU Families Thrive

  • Speaker: Fabiana Bacchini , MSc, BJ
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  • Duration: 60 Mins
  • Credits: 1 CERP, 1 Nursing CEU, 1 CME

This presentation provides a heartfelt account of the hurdles and victories encountered during a 146-day NICU stay after a preterm birth, from a parent's point of view. Focusing on the Family Integrated (FiCare) model, which incorporates parents as essential members of the care team, it highlights the crucial impact of family engagement in the NICU, offering benefits that extend beyond the immediate term. This includes the development of enhanced advocacy skills, especially important for infants with additional diagnoses requiring specialized care in complex healthcare settings.

While the NICU represents a temporary phase in a lifetime, FiCare lays enduring foundations for post-discharge care. Parents engaged in this model of care report increased confidence in taking care of their baby, and decreased stress and anxiety at discharge.

This presentation argues that the NICU, crucial for saving lives, must also serve as a beginning for thriving. Thriving involves holistic family well-being. Adequate support within the hospital becomes a cornerstone for navigating the road ahead. The repercussions of preterm birth, traumatic delivery, and NICU goes beyond discharge, emphasizing the need for families to be part of their babies’ care team in hospital.

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Jun 10, 2024