GOLD Speakers


Sonal Patel, MD

  • Speaker Type: 2024 Main Presentations
  • Country: USA

Dr. Sonal Patel is a pediatrician, neonatologist, & breastfeeding specialist who founded NayaCare in 2018. NayaCare is a home health clinic focused on improving postpartum care. Dr. Patel has written several articles on this subject published in Scary Mommy, Kevin MD, and Colorado Sun. She wrote her first book, The Doctor and Her Black Bag that examines maternal mortality in historical and personal context and solutions to reduce maternal mortality. She is also a co-founder and co-executive director of Center for 4th Trimester Care, a national physician-led non-profit with the mission of improving postpartum care. She is also a TEDx speaker. In her presentation titled “The Economics of the 4th Trimester,” Dr. Patel explores the economic impact of losing moms during the 4th trimester, a solution that can reduce maternal mortality, and thus positively impact our national economy. Lastly, she has co-created a breastfeeding toolkit helping mothers of premature babies achieve their breastfeeding goals: Small Steps, BIG Gains.