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Delegate & Speaker Badges

You're a GOLD Neonatal Attendee and you're proud of it! Use these badges on your website, blog or social media profiles to express your passion and level of dedication for furthering your education in the field of Neonatal Online. In the grey boxes, we've provided you with the html codes so you can easily embed your badge. For additional sizes, please contact us.

  To Download Badge:
Right Click on the image and select "Save As"
I'm Attending!

That's awesome! Create some buzz and let the world know you're attending GOLD Neonatal for your continuing education.

<a href="http://www.goldneonatal.com"><img title="I'm attending the GOLD Neonatal Online Conference" src="http://www.goldneonatal.com/images/badge_attending.gif" width="150" border="0" alt="Breastfeeding & Neonatal Conference Online" ></a>
I'm Attending GOLD Neonatal!

Conference Delegate

Attended in the past or just registered? You're now a GOLD Neonatal Delegate! Show off your badge with pride and tell the world you're nuts over Neonatal.

<a href="http://www.goldneonatal.com"><img title="GOLD Neonatal Online Conference Delegate" src="http://www.goldNeonatal.com/images/badge_delegate.gif" width="150" border="0" alt="GOLD Neonatal & Conference Delegate. Neonatal Nurse & HCP Online Meeting" ></a>
GOLD Neonatal Online Conference Delegate

GOLD Speakers

Your awe-inspiring lectures have filled our heads with so much valuable information, THANK YOU! This badge represents your exclusive contribution to the furthering of Neonatal Online Education.

<a href="http://www.goldneonatal.com"><img title="GOLD Neonatal Conference Speaker" src="http://www.goldneonatal.com/images/badge_speaker.gif" width="150" border="0" alt="GOLD Neonatal Online Conference Speaker" ></a>
GOLD Neonatal Online Conference Speaker