GOLD Speakers


Kristie Newton, RRT

  • Country: Canada

Kristie is an accomplished Respiratory Therapist specializing in critical care transport medicine. Kristie started her career at the Hamilton General Hospital in 1998 consolidating her experience in critical care medicine, trauma, hyperbarics and clinical research. Kristie began to transition her focus to neonatal and paediatric care in 1999 with positions at Mount Sinai Hospital NICU and SickKids NICU. In 2003 she joined the SickKids Acute Care Transport Service (ACTS) Team, holding the position of a Certified Transport Clinician for neonatal and paediatric critical care transport. Kristie’s leadership initiatives and commitment to excellence as a Respiratory Therapy Clinician led her to transition to the role of a Transport Coordinator, remotely supporting clinical teams in the field, facilitating care decisions and supporting operational logistics of critical care transport. Kristie’s passion for interprofessional and collaborative practice on transport highlights her ability to lead and inspire the team to achieve best practice and excellence in transport medicine. This positioned Kristie to be successful as the Senior Manager of the ACTS team, commencing in 2019.

When Kristie isn't immersed in all things SickKids, she can be found cheering on her 2 boys at the hockey rink or golf course.