GOLD Speakers


Anna Axelin, RN, PhD, Associate professor

  • Country: Finland

My academic career has included conducting quantitative and qualitative research on maternity and neonatal care in multidisciplinary and international research groups. In the Academic year 2011-2012, I joined the faculty of Department of Family Health Care Nursing in University of California San Francisco for my post-doctoral research. Since 2018 I was appointed as an associated researcher in the Department of International Maternal and Child Health at University of Uppsala in Sweden. In addition to the academic career, I have ten-year working experience as a NICU
I am leading the Health in Early Life and Parenthood (HELP) research group which aims to promote health and welfare in the early stages of life. My special research interest is how to keep parents and sick newborns together throughout the infant hospital stay and strengthen their relationship already during pregnancy. My other research interests include pain and sleep in neonates, and the implementation of evidence-based practice in maternity and neonatal care with the help information technology.