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Marsha Campbell-Yeo

Why Are We Still Hurting Babies: Provider And Parent-led Interventions For The Treatment And Prevention Of Procedural Pain

  • Speaker: Marsha Campbell-Yeo , PhD, NNP-BC, MN, RN
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  • Duration: 75 Mins
  • Credits: 1.25 CERP, 1.25 Nursing CEU, 1.25 CME

After decades of healthcare providers not recognizing newborn infants’ capacity to feel pain and the associated adverse outcomes, we now know that current evidence suggests that repeated procedural pain contributes to long-term changes in stress regulation and brain development in vulnerable preterm infants, after accounting for associated clinical confounders. Many medications are often not effective for the most commonly performed painful procedures, and their repeated and frequent use may have potential short and long-term adverse effects. Recent research has thus focused on finding non-pharmacological interventions or sweet tasting solutions as a substitute to pharmacologic treatments, or as a means to reduce the drug-doses needed for optimal analgesia associated with procedural pain. Several of these interventions involve parents, e.g., skin-to-skin care, breastfeeding, or facilitated tucking. Despite this knowledge, clinicians often struggle with incorporating these strategies into everyday practice. Moreover, most parents and many providers remain unaware of the powerful benefits of integrating parents as active participants in newborn pain management. This presenatation will cover interventions to address the treatment and prevention of procedural pain.

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Jun 7, 2021